Saturday, December 1, 2007

Anime Iowa Information

A new website has sprung up with all sorts of information about the amazing AnimeIowa. The 2008 con will be bigger, and better than ever.

Last AI, they had over 2,300 registered attendees and all of them were having a great, exciting time at the convention. Registration took several hours, however, which was definately a pain for many convention goers. More anime conventions would be very useful in Iowa, but I doubt anyone is crazy to work as hard as those Mindbridge peeps.

Continuing the trend will probably feature Greg Ayres again, because he seems to like AnimeIowa (who doesn't?) and many other guests that everyone likes. Cosplay will always be big, among other things. There will probably also, as always, be way too many people dressed up as the same Naruto characters... or just making up their own characters by putting on a Hidden leaf headband. Lol ^_^ as long as everyone has fun

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